What Did You Draw?

What Did You Draw?

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Author: Chorney, Ruth
Illustrator: Chorney, Nicolas
ISBN: 9781894431910
Pub. Date: Feb 1, 2013
Size: 8.00″ x 8.00″
Pages: 32

Sibling rivalry? Not in this story! Join Danny and his big sister in imaginative play. Maybe they'll create a camellama or a chipalo! What will YOU draw?


Sibling rivalry? Not in this story! Join Danny and his big sister in imaginative play. Maybe they'll create a camellama or a chipalo! What will YOU draw?
Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781894431910
Publication Date Feb 1, 2013
Author Chorney, Ruth
Illustrator Chorney, Nicolas
Pages 32
Size 8.00″ x 8.00″

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SPG Book Review
The mother-son team of Ruth Chorney and Nicolas Chorney have created a charming little story about a boy and his big sister having an imaginative art session in What Did You Draw? Ruth’s story is fun and shows a brother and sister pair who actually get along in a way that is both realistic and adorable while they draw together. The sister’s drawings are realistic animals, while Danny, her younger brother, depicts his own fantastical, hybrid creations. Even Danny and Sister themselves are depicted in their own art styles, which is really interesting and gives the whole story the feel that the kids are the ones telling it.

The story itself is simple and follows Danny and his sister as they draw various things. Danny’s sister draws different animals for him, and tells him what they are, and then Danny draws his own versions, asking his sister to guess what he has drawn. Almost all of these are silly hybrids of what his sister has just drawn, including a hippopotamoose. Danny and his sister keep drawing until, as happens with most siblings, everything breaks down into a tickle fight before they draw one last picture together -- this time portraits of each other.

What Did You Draw? is a great read for any young kids who are artistically inclined, or any siblings who are a few years apart. It shows that even though Danny and his sister have different approaches to what they draw, both have fun doing it, and both enjoy using their imaginations while they’re drawing.
Review by Jessica Bickford (SPG) / (Posted on 2015-02-22)
Librarian in London, ON.
Two siblings share a love of art and a sense of humour in this entertaining picture book. Big sis draws a camel and a llama. Danny takes a turn and draws an animal too. His sister looks at the brown-spotted, pink-four-legged, blue-tailed creature and guesses, "Maybe it's a camellama." Danny delights in the game and goes on to create a green-snouted, antlered "hippopotamoose" and a multi-coloured, bushy-furred "chipalo".

Nicholas Chorney's illustrations show the contrast between Danny's scribbly, child-like drawings and his sister's more sophisticated pencil crayon pictures that stay skilfully within the lines. The children also look just like their drawings - Danny has floppy, out of proportion arms and one big eye that is sometimes green and sometimes blue while his sister is neatly presented with a tidy red bow in her hair.

Preschoolers will enjoy the fun word play and clever illustrations. Pair this book with the Kenyon Cox and Wallace Edwards collaboration Mixed Beasts for a giggle-filled art activity.

Review by Linda Ludke / (Posted on 2015-02-22)