1.     Think about your market even before you finish writing. Who is your reader? Who might buy your book? Does it relate to a particular consumer? To educational curricula (which is often available online)? If so, make sure you know how your book connects to that market—it’s one of its selling features. Talk to librarians. Talk to booksellers. It’s worth asking those who acquire books for stores and libraries what they think of your book’s potential for sales; they might have advice that will help you tap into the market. They know what’s generating current interest and where potential gaps in the market are—gaps that your book might fill. 

YNWP helps authors with the overall book concept, assessing each proposed manuscript for its marketability. All manuscripts are printable, not all are marketable, and those that have commercial appeal are often printed in differing amounts. Books with a focused audience or regional appeal can do very well in the market for which they are intended. 
         2.     Get permission. If the book contains photos, graphics or other images, make sure you have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce them in print and/or ebook. You’ll also need permission to quote any song lyrics or poems, or if you’re quoting more than 10% of the original material. Sometimes permissions are available only for a fee. 

         3.     Source any images. Images must have a resolution of 300 dpi at the size you want them to print. Think about whether you want the images to appear in colour or black and white. Colour costs more to print. 
         4.     Polish your text. Before submitting your manuscript check for errors in facts, spelling and grammar. Check for consistent usage of spelling, terminology and capitalization. Read it backwards. Read it aloud. Have others read it. All these things will help ensure your manuscript is the best it can be before an editor begins to work on it, saving time and money. 

         5.     Submit an email inquiry to YNWP when you’re ready. Provide details of the book’s genre, its word count, your understanding of its market potential and any questions you have. Include a sample of your manuscript—usually a Word document—for assessment. If your manuscript has commercial potential, YNWP will respond with further information, including an estimate of cost to produce, and will also get print quotes (usually two) so you can plan a budget. If your manuscript is accepted and you decide to proceed, YNWP will send a publishing contract for your review. 

         6.     Find an illustrator. If your book requires illustrations, YNWP can help find an artist to make your vision a reality. If you already have an illustrator, please submit sample artwork or a link to the artist’s website with your initial inquiry. 

         7.     Editing, layout & design. YNWP provides all the professional expertise required to get your book ready for press: research, substantive editing, copy-editing, proofreading, layout and design (including any necessary work in Photoshop). The author will see the book and approve its progress every step of the way. YNWP makes market appropriate suggestions for the book’s paper and binding, and the author will approve this too. 

YNWP will provide print quotes from the potential printers so you’ll always see exactly what the costs are. You’ll need to decide on the book’s dimensions, number of pages (dictated by the word count and number of images), use of colour, type of cover (hard or soft cover), binding, paperstock and print run (number of books printed). 

YNWP will assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your book and will apply for Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) data for your title. YNWP manages your book’s metadata so retailers and wholesalers can find your book in various databases. 

YNWP uses print industry standard software for the layout of your book. How long it takes to complete the editing, layout and design process is dependent on the manuscript. Every book is a custom project. 

         8.     Cost it out. Add production, printing and any other costs such as permissions or illustrations. Divide this total by the number of books you intend to print (think about how many you expect to sell in a year, two years, three years) and see how costs change for larger print runs. Do the math: if you’re selling through bookstores, they’ll expect a 40%-50% discount off the retail price you set. The retail price and associated profit margins of ebooks are different. YNWP will help determine a reasonable retail price for your book. 

         9.     Print your book or convert the text into ebook formats. YNWP works with professional prairie printers who provide quality products and services. Note that it usually takes between 3-5 weeks from the time electronic files are sent to the printer to when you can expect to hold the printed and bound copy in your hand. 

         10.     Get the word out when your book arrives—books really do sell by word of mouth, whether in person over coffee or through social media, and you are your book’s best promoter, though YNWP can help get things started. YNWP provides distribution services to its authors at a cost of 20% of the book’s retail price, and is a vendor for all major bookstores and wholesalers.


“For professional, up-to-date, accurate, beautifully designed, creative, well-edited books YNWP is the publishing company to use. Heather Nickel has established a reputable publishing company and handles her authors with dignity, respect and honesty. YNWP = excellent books.”

Marion Mutala, author of the award-winning Baba’s Babushka series
"Competent, creative, thorough, helpful and available - a pleasure to work with!"

Mercedes Montgomery
“My first venture into the world of publishing was made easy with YNWP. In addition to a great job of design and promotion, the whole experience was pleasantly informative for me. With Heather’s help, the publishing and sales of my book exceeded my expectations.”

Eileen Munro, author of ABC’s Down on the Farm
"One of the most enjoyable experiences of my writing career has been publishing Ghosts of Government House with Your Nickel's Worth Publishing. Heather Nickel's knowledge and expertise shines in all areas of the self-publishing process. Her designs and ideas are exciting. Her support and assistance right through to the marketing and distribution are valuable assets to her service. What I appreciate most is that she provides a complete publishing package and is totally committed to her clients, offering a wide variety of choices for individual needs at every level of involvement. Her dedication to each project and her commitment to professional, high quality products are self-evident. She's also fun, versatile and creative and her excitement about her business is contagious! I already anticipate working with her on another creation."

Judith Silverthorne
Ghosts of Government House
"Heather's knowledge ... of book publishing, her general business acumen and her confidence in all parties involved have brought self-publishing to a new and appealing level. She is the glue that binds a successful book together!"

Myrna Guymer
The Canadian Shield Alphabet
"If you are looking for someone to work with you on publishing a book, I would recommend Heather without hesitation. I would use the words "dedicated," "hard-working," "professional," "creative," "timely," "pleasant" and "tactful". It doesn't get any better than that. I am very proud of what we did together."

Marcia Frid
I Like You, I Like Me, Too!
“YNWP did a excellent job of editing, layout and cover design, which I believe contributed to selling 500 books in seven weeks. I found Heather to be extremely accessible, and very helpful.”

Ileen Sheehan Boechler, author of I Know My Onions: Homesteading North of the 53rd
"Your Nickel's Worth Publishing was invaluable in editing, designing layout and publishing my first book; Heather made what I wrote look good and I have had many positive compliments on it from friends and professionals alike. I am very proud to see it sitting on shelves in libraries and Canada's leading book stores."

Shirley Harris
Forgotten Gardens, Abandoned Landscapes & Remarkable Restorations
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Diane Armstrong
You're Going Where?!
"Heather opened doors for me that I didn't even know were there. I was very impressed with the professional layout of the book as well as the cover design. I would not hesitate to recommend Heather of Your Nickel's Worth Publishing to any author."

Olga Stefaniuk
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Dr. Felix Veloso, author of Stroke Prevention Naturally: Proven Non-Pharmaceutical Stroke Avoidance Strategies and Dementia Prevention Naturally: Evidence-Based Strategies To Enrich Cognition
“Heather is able to transform a manuscript into a book that is worthy of shelf space. Her magic touch made my book better than I ever thought possible!”

Treena Wynes, author of Am I the Only One? Struggling Being a Teen
“I've worked with YNWP on dozens children's picture books over the years, and have always found it to be a delightful experience. Heather Nickel is a consummate professional with an excellent eye for detail, and has always goes the extra mile to ensure the final product is flawless, and I look forward to working on dozens more!”

Val Lawton, professional artist
"Working with Heather is a delight. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, responsive and a team player. It was a pleasure to work with Heather in the creation of The Canadian Shield Alphabet book."

RoseMarie Condon
"Heather Nickel and Your Nickel's Worth Publishing have been the answer to this newbie author's prayers! Heather ... recognizes the fears and fragility of a first-time (or close-to-first-time) author, and treats each of us with TLC, honest encouragement, and a lot of business know-how. For me (and many, many others!) Your Nickel's Worth is priceless!!"

Jean Freeman
Where Does Your Dog Sleep?
“Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing released my first book in July of this year. I was most happy and impressed by the encouragement, helpful editing and respect for my ideas and intent. Everything was done promptly, quickly and at very reasonable rates. Assistance with distribution and marketing topped off this most positive experience.”

Joyce Olesen, author of 113 Boathouse Hill
"Smart, savvy and creative, YNWP is not your average publishing house. Heather Nickel cares about her authors, shepherding them through the publishing experience one step at a time."

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"Having worked with Heather for several years, I cannot give a more hearty endorsement of Your Nickel's Worth Publishing. She not only is very professional in the work she produces but has a wonderful sense of the intention of an author, depicting a writing so well in design and in how and where to promote it and its author. It is a great pleasure to work with her."

Florence Driedger
Jakob, Out of the Village
"Heather at Your Nickel's Worth Publishing provides a wonderful service to aspiring writers trying to get their work into print. She is there every step of the way and is an absolute joy to work with."

Lori Punshon
He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl
“Heather Nickel (YNWP) has high standards, works extremely hard and is a pleasure to do business with. Many compliments have come my way since the publication of my book, including praise for its professional appearance and excellence in the quality of editing. Her services are worth every penny. Whoops! I mean every nickel.”

Bev Lundahl, author of Entangled Roots: The Mystery of Peterborough’s Headless Corpse